Nicotine Base 100 mg, 100ml VG/PG 50/50


Nicotine is a natural product extracted from Tobacco leaves and meets all the European stringent standards which is confirmed with certification issued by accredited laboratories.

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Pure nicotine oxidizes relatively easily. As a consequence of oxidation, nicotine changes its color and smell, which in turn affects the quality of the product. Highly important thing is to avoid contact of nicotine with the oxygen. That’s why our manufacturing process is handled in an oxygen-free environment. Nicotine should be used as soon as possible after opening the package. It should also be noted that high temperature and light accelerate the oxidation process. For this reason a maximum caution should be taken during the transport and storage.                                      

Natural Throat Hit

Due to pure nicotine’s pH level, the throat hit is always present while using it. Moreover, the throat hit is very often desired by the users of e-cigarettes. However, manufacturers should be careful because low quality nicotine containing impurities is very harsh.


The high quality nicotine has noticeable and characteristic smell and taste which do not spoil the taste or flavor of a base or e-liquid. Very often, the smell also depends on the process of nicotine leaf extraction and the technology that was used.


Pure form of nicotine is highly dangerous substance. E-liquid manufacturers must be able to handle production process in an appropriate manner, and to protect employees who work with this product.

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